Flame Retardant VE-6112



Chemical name:Tris(2-Chloropropyl) Phosphate (TCPP)

CAS: 13674-84-5
Formula: C9H18Cl3O4P
Molecular Weight: 327.57
EINECS Number: 237-158-7


VE-6112 is a colorless or slightly yellow transparent liquid. It is an important phosphate series flame retardant, widely used in construction material.


VE-6112 is widely used for soft / rigid polyurethane foam, with excellent thermal conductivity and hydrolytic stability, particularly suited to ASTME84 (11 level) foam, unsaturated polyester resins and phenolics in low temperature applicable. It has low viscosity characteristics.


VE-6112 can also be used to produce foam sealant, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, phenol resin, acrylic resin and a rubber, fire-retardant paint, and  very good for hard and soft polyurethane foam, the ring-chloro resin, polystyrene, cellulose acetate, ethyl cellulose and trees phenolics, polyvinyl acetate and gun foam sealant production.

Physical data



Test Method


colorless to pale yellow liquid

Color, APHA  

≤50 Pt/Co

DIN ISO 6271

Refractive Index at 20 ◦C

1.462 ± 0.02

DIN 53 491

Viscosity at 25◦C, mPa.s

65 - 70

DIN 51 550

Water Content,%


DIN 51 777

Acid Number, mg KOH/g


DIN 53 402

Hydrolysable Chlorine, ppm



Density, g/cm3

1.29 ±0.02

DIN 51 757

Flash point, ◦C


DIN EN 22 719

These figures are only intended as a guide and should not be used in preparing specifications.



• Flame Retardant in soft/hard polyurethane foam.

• Flame Retardant in epoxy resin, pol sterols, polyacrylic acid, polyacrylic fiber, ethyl cellulose resin, phenol formaldehyde resin etc.


Packing in 250KG metal drum or 1250KG IBC.