Chemical Solutions to make life good

Van Eyck's mission is "make life good”. Van Eyck makes continuous improvement on application research of kinds of chemical material for many fields, such as construction, cosmetic, textile, agrochemical, polyurethane, paint & coatings, Pulp & paper, auto & shoe care etc.


VanEyck has more than 15 years’ experience in silicone industry, and offering products including silicone oil & derivative, polymers, cyclosiloxanes, silicone elastomers, silanes, fumed silica etc.


VanEyck also focus on development of phosphoric products and offers flame retardant based on phosphate in foams, plastics, resins.


VanEyck is located in Guangzhou city, Guangdong province, where is famous for strong manufacturing and high liberalization level in China. VanEyck is always supporting innovation and developing possible chemical solutions for customers.

15 Years Experience
Founders have over 15 years’ experience in silicone industry.
400+ Foreign Customers
The company has accumulated more than 400 customer cases over the years.
2 Warehouse in seaport
VanEyck has 2 warehouse in seaport, providing fast logistics service.