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Silicone Cosmetic Powder VEC-2971



VEC-2971 is a soft white elastomeric silicone microspheric powder with excellent smooth skin feel, absorption of polar and non-polar grease (including sebum), easy to disperse in the oil phase, the microspheric powder can fill the skin wrinkles, achieve effect of “removing wrinkles”. VEC-2971 applies to color cosmetics, skin care, sun care and other personal care products which can attain a long lasting and silky-powdery and smooth skin feel.

INCI NAME: INCI NAME: Dimethicone/Vinyldimethicone Crosspolymer (and) Silica

Key Features

• No agglomeration.

• Wrinkle masking

• Able to absorb polar and non-polar fluids and oils.

• Ease of use in various media

• Long lasting silky-powdery skin feel.

• Sebum absorption.

Typical Physical Properties


Smooth white powder

Density (g/cm3)


Active Ingredient (%)



Typical Application

• Skin care

• Sun care

• Color cosmetic

• Hair care

• Other potential applications


20KG cartons.